Meet the Owls of Sun Xiao!

Lord Jiang


The great horned warlord of the Sun Xiao province. After loosing his daughter 20 years ago to General Delun and his clan of mobbing crows, Jiang faces now the world, struggling to overcome of his traumas and deepest guilts. *Character description under construction*



Mingzhu is a determind young Snowy with a fiery sense of heart and mind. She's met with some tough obstacles though. Despite her sheer bravery and willingness to throw herself into the battlefield, Jiang refuses to recruit the snowy owl, not allowing young females to join his ranks. See her journey envelope in the next chapter of Winged Warriors! *Character description under construction*


Ying Xue

A wise and compassionate burrowing owl, Ying is Jiang's personal advisor and longtime close friend. He's worked for the Sun Xiao clan for decades, serving Jiang's father Sun Xing when he was a young adult. Ying is at times, the voice of reason for Jiang, and being there for him when the horned owl mourned for his wife, then his daughter's death. Despite Jiang's troublesome life, Ying is always there to support and give the best advice he has to offer.